Monero’s former maintainer arrested in the US for allegations unrelated to cryptocurrency

An arrest warrant for Riccardo Spagni was issued on July 20, 2021, at the request of the South African government. He was understood a similar day within the U.S.

Riccardo Spagni, the previous friend of the Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency, was in remission last month in capital of Tennessee, Tennessee on fraud charges tied to alleged offenses in South Africa between 2009 and 2011.

Spagni was on board a non-public jet regular to fly to Los Cabos, Mexico once he was comprehended in capital of Tennessee throughout a regular supply stop, according to court documents. His journey originally began simply outside of latest York town. He’s presently within the custody of the U.S. professional person General, per court documents.

The arrest was created at the request of the South African government, that is seeking Spagni’s surrender on fraud charges. the fees, that square measure unrelated to Spagni’s role at Monero, square measure tied to his previous employment as an data technology manager at an organization referred to as Cape Cookies. concerning Spagni’s alleged misdeeds, the court documents read:

“As an employee of Cape Cookies, SPAGNI intercepted invoices from another company, Ensync, relating to information technology goods and services it had supplied Cape Cookies. SPAGNI knowingly used false information to fabricate similar invoices purporting to be from Ensync, relying on details including this company’s Value Added Tax (VAT) number and bank account information. SPAGNI then inflated the prices for the goods and/or services.”

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The Government of Republic of South Africa alleges that the invoices failed to contain the important checking account of Ensync, however rather a checking account opened and controlled entirely by Spagni.

In the court filing, Acting U.S. lawyer skunk Stewart requested that the court deny any bail requests by Spagni “ pending resolution of this surrender continuing.” The document describes Spagni as a flight risk with a robust motivation to escape to avoid facing charges. He is believed to possess “significant crypto-assets” yet as a watch valued at $800,000.

Spagni currently faces a hearing on August five to see whether or not he’s command unfinished trial. If condemned in Republic of South Africa, Spagni might face to twenty years in jail.

Spagni has been concerned within the cryptocurrency market since a minimum of 2011 and is active on Twitter below the handle @FluffyPony. He has not tweeted since the arrest on Gregorian calendar month twenty, 2021. In Dec 2019, he stepped down as lead upholder of Monero.